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Email Marketing

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As email plays an important role in communication nowadays, email marketing is also a very useful digital marketing strategy. I check my email everyday, on PC or Mobile. Email, as a marketing tool, has many benefits-It is affordable, simple and quick, it can be personal and customizable. Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. The results of email marketing is measurable as well.  By taking a close look at my own email accounts, I have the chance to know more about email marketing from a customer’s perspective. I have two main email accounts that I will check daily: My NYU Gmail account where I receive emails from school and career-related resources. My personal Gmail account where I usually use to sign up newspapers, subscriptions, social media and promotions. So NYU account is more professional, my personal account has three tabs which are Primary, Social and Promotions:


My primary emails are from some newspapers that I will read everyday, NYTimes and WSJ, if I have time, I will click social to see, if I want to buy something specifically, I will open promotion to see if there are special sales for the stuff I need, and I think it is more organized and time-saving in this way, because I don’t want to spend too much time on social and promotions. Just to pick out a few to review:

I used to go to Painting Lounge’s event, so when I see the catchy headline “50% off select classes next week!” I immediately opened it.


Email from will always personalize the headline, using customer’s name to call attraction.


Headline of Travelocity’s promotion email “✈ American Airlines Flights on Sale”, the content is just one poster with clear information.


Gilt City: always look up to good stuff on sale, subject line is pretty clear-Extra 25% Off – and it will summarize the content in a short sentence: Fall Beauty: Laser Hair Removal (Bellair) + Gel Manicures. Oficina Latina Brunch + A Cayman Getaway, usually I will open it and quickly scan “Today’s Picks”.



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