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Share of Time Spent per Day with Major Media by me

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According to an article on eMarketer: Mobile usage to grow 23.0% this year as time spent online and with traditional media declines and about 47.1% time of US Adults was spent on Digital media per day, of which, 23.3% on mobile, 18% online and 5.9% others. Combining online and mobile devices, they expect US adults to spend 5 hours 46 minutes with digital media daily in 2014.

Nowadays we are living in a society of multi-taskers and multi-screeners. Basically we spend roughly 90% of daily media interactions on four screens, smartphones, laptop, tablets and TV.


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Taking a close look at a typical day of my life as a graduate student, from the morning I woke up, if I don’t have to leave early, first I use to lie in the bed to check my phone for a while. I check email for 5 minutes and spend about 10-15 minutes checking Facebook; 7-8 minutes on Instagram, then go to Wechat (a Chinese social media and chatting app, like Chinese version of What’s app). I probably will spend 30 minutes on Wechat because I have many Chinese friends on it and they share moments, I also read some articles from the public accounts I subscribe on this app. Then I read Twitter for like 8 minutes and 15 minutes Weibo (a Chinese version of Twitter). I listened to stream music on Spotify or Soundcloud when I have breakfast, on the way to work or school, and even before sleep, the total time spent on music might be 1 hour a day. I check weather app, Yelp sometimes during lunch. I played Snapchat sometimes during the day with my friends. I read news and articles from some Newspaper and Magazine app on tablets in the evening. Roughly I spend about total 4-5 hours on those digital devices not including study time on PC.


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